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Thread: Wipeout Products

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    Wipeout Products

    OK, I'll try again.

    Further to my earlier post in the general threads.

    All Wipeout products in stock including the new Tactical Advantage liquid and the newly packaged Carb-out.


    Wipeout liquid - 15.00
    Accelerator - 10.00
    Carb-out - 11.00
    New Tactical Advantage - 15.00
    Foam - POA

    Prices do not include P&P

    Payment via Paypal or cheque.


    Welcome to Corinium Rifle Range

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    just read a post about this stuff saying it good so il give it a go

    can you please just tell me whats what take it the wipeout liquid is just bore cleaner

    was wondering what the accelorator and tactical advantage is if you would exsplain then i can decide what i would like



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    Click on the link to my website for some more info on my blog. I also posted under the general threads earlier. Any burning issues ping me a pm or email.


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