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Thread: CWD gold medals

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    CWD gold medals

    Somebody recently told me that given time ALL cwd bucks would make gold medals, can anybody confirm this or oherwise

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    their not born with gold medal class tusks are they , and some will always damage their teeth

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    Most male deer are shot before their antlers have reached their maximum potential or with the CWD more length of fang.


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    If left they will i am sure all make gold but the risk of a brake will take the chance of a gold away and its why some get shot before they reach there full potential

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    I've heard similar. I shot my first (and probably only) CWD a few weeks back. There seemed to be loads of medal animals about. I was after a representative buck rather than a medal and it took a little while to find one that wasn't a medal. I don't know much about scoring trophies or how CWD are scored. However, it seems that whereas a gold medal Roebuck might be the animal of a lifetime, gold medal CWD are more common (at least they were where I was).



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    If you are ever offered a representative CWD buck tell them to piss off they are rarer than medals and you WOULD BE BETER GOING FOR A WALK IN THE PARK.

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    Tusks are TEETH not antlers. Hence a CWD gets an adult set that peak at about 18months old. It then keeps the same teeth until it dies. Hence they are at the best when it is a young adult and detiorate from then on. Given the quality of life that CWD enjoy here they grow good teeth and given that medals are only allocated on length and circumference of tooth then a great many young bucks have medal teeth. The problem then follows that people wishing to shoot good animals are taking out all the younger animals. This can have repercussions in several years time.

    As I understand it the Authorities are trying very hard to find other criteria to measure CWD by as well as tusk length as this would make gold medals rarer and protect some of the animals.

    It is NOT the case that given time all would be gold as the teeth develop by a particular age and that is that

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    SDD - Thanks for the information on that. Its good stuff. The buck I stalked had been around by the look of him. He had a nick out of his ear.

    6P - Not sure what you mean about telling them to p*ss off. I asked to stalk a representative buck and that's what the guide put me on to. I am happy.

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    Dove bob what i am saying is a representative CWD will normally be a medal of some sort or it will be a baby. So asking for a representative animal has a totally different meaning than if you ask for that in any of the other deer species on our shores.

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    I see what you mean. I think I was lucky because the one I ended up stalking was neither, but I did look at a few golds through the scope before we found the one I took. I enjoyed the experience, but it wasn't the type of stalking I'm used to and I doubt I'll go again.



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