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Thread: Slightly O/T - foxing forums???

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    Slightly O/T - foxing forums???

    Does anyone know of any good foxing forums on the old interweb?

    Something like this, but oviously not for stalking??

    Just curious.


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    You could try a couple of places.

    Firstly one I help run has a wider subject matter including a dedicated pest control section were we discuss foxes amongst other things.:

    Site is at:

    Forum is at:

    (We work with SD on a few things so I am sure admin wont mind be linking to the site)

    We have a number of very experienced fox shooter/lampers, indeed I am out most weeks of the year after them.

    There is also UKVarminting who have some serious long range shooters.

    There are others, drop me a pm if you need any ideas.




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    You could try this one . A lot of the guys on here just do vermin and foxes .
    Worth a look .

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