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Thread: Ked's on roe deer

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    Ked's on roe deer

    Hi guy's having got back from s.w. scotland this weekend with 3 roe deer I have noticed all of them have ked's present on them.

    One of the lad's that went up 3 week's ago also had one that was infested with them.

    Has anyone else noticed this on their roe and were are you in the country.

    regard's Mark.

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    Yep seen loads of keds in the last year on roe in D&G, roe in N. Yorkshire and park fallow/red/sika in N. Yorkshire. Even in cold weather. Not seen massive infestations of keds, but consistenly present. Ive seen fairly large infestations of lice, in the normal places and look similar to thunder bugs.. Making me itch thinking of them

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    Shot a roe doe yesterday in Norfolk. No keds present, but lots of ticks
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    Roe deer don't wear plimsoles, they prefer flip-flops with the bit that goes between the toes
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