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    Hi folks, a friend and i are supposed to be heading south this weekend in search of CWD, any tips on their habbits at this time of year and in particular the current weather conditions??????

    Thanks in advance

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    mainly lay under a hedge out of the way
    hope you get a bit of sunshine
    that should help bring them out
    treat them a bit like roe and you won't go to far
    but your guide will know exactly where they are any way
    so i shouldn't worry to much
    let us know how you get on

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    Hi nell i was out stalking cwd at middle of jan and the wind was very strong and very cold in the morning the deer were out feeding but not holding still for long you had to be quick i am no expert but i think it was the cold wind moving them on, the deer we saw in the day time were all lying tight in the bottom of thick hedgrows and you would see the odd one in the thick grass in the dykes but about 4pm they come back out to feed and after looking at a few i managed a buck he had come out of a wood and was crossing a ploughed field and he stop to see what i was up to, lying on the floor long enough for me to squeeze the trigger.
    Hope this all helps your trip nell have a good one and let us all know how you get on.


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    Thanks guy's will let you know how we fair,hope the weather picks up, dont suppose they have ever seen snow before unless they are reeeealllly old


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    nell how did you get on mate on the weekend

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    We called off due to the weather, hope to try again next week...


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