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Thread: .17 Rem or Fireball?

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    .17 Rem or Fireball?


    Further to my recent post for .17 Rem wanted, I have asked for a change to my variation to .17c/f to hopefully allow me the choice of either .17 Rem or Fireball. I would appreciate your views on the two calibres and also appeal again if anyone know of a decent one for sale (preferably Sako) or maybe a decent Sako donor for a re-barrel I'd be most grateful.

    If anyone has any experiences regarding rebarelling into either of these calibres they'd like to share, I'd like to hear them - thanks!

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    Might also consider the forthcoming 17 Hornady Hornet since your variation has been changed...

    Just a thought, if this caliber is specifically intended for foxing...

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    If you're set on one or the other, the Fireball.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    If you're set on one or the other, the Fireball.~Muir
    Im with Muir on this, the fireball case could be considered to have the max case capacity to work efficiently in a 17 bore.


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    They are both the same calibre,........... just different cartridges, as plod has no lawful right to specify the cartridge, only the calibre, go with the statement "I require / need.... a .17 cal .
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    What pro s and cons are there between fireball and rem. A friend has just got one and was wondering the differences and why you would chose one over another. I run a .204 ruger and there was a few people saying about a practical. But only difference was powder amounts for loading, as far as I could see. Any info appreciated

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    I've a fair bit of experience with the .17 Rem for foxes, though if i were choosing a .17 cal these days i would also opt for the Fireball. The .17 Rem works great, but we would only pull it out in very still conditions - if there was a breeze we would always choose a .224 cal instead. It has the tragectory for long range varminting, but in reality its long range performance is quickly degraded by any kind of wind. I understand Australia was where the .17 was at its most popular, but over the last few years the calibre's popularity has collapsed as folks have moved to the .20 cal Ruger. But if you want a quiet, flat shooting round, the little Fireball would be very hard to beat.

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    Both cracking calibres. My fireball only uses 18 grains of h322. Its lovely flat shooting calibre. And dead accurate.

    Built on a tikka m595 action with shilen barrel Only done around 150 rounds. Will be for sale soon with redding neck and full length die plus redding comp seating die.

    Only selling as I have seen something else which will be to hard to turn down.
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    Pm me when your selling it. A friend of mine quite fancys one. What are they like to load for

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