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Thread: DCS Best Practice Newsletter???

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    DCS Best Practice Newsletter???

    Has anybody else recieved the latest Deer Commission Best Practice newsletter?

    Not much in it really except that the next two Best Practice Demonstration events are now 30 a day and are being held on a Thursday and Friday respectively...There was no explaination as to why they have started charging or why they have moved them from a weekend to mid week.

    Compared to courses offered by other organisations, thats still pretty cheap, but it would have been nice if they had taken the time to explain this change of policy...

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    I received mine yesterday as you must have i imagine the charge was for the short fall in the budget they will be getting this year i think . But if the days listed are as good as the last best practice days i still think its not bad at 30 . I attended the one at BOWHILL selkirk a long while ago and actually finished up doing one of the talks and demonstrations as the person concerned was a bit crap and was asked if i would do the others but they were to far to travel for me . Anyboby attending will certainly learn a great deal and meet some great people . The one i attended got me and my son more stalking than we could cope with and still have stalking on some places through it cheers MUDDY

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    How do you receive/subscribe to get a copy?? Looked on the DCs website but don't seem able to see the info. Would be interested in attending a day!

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    Drop them an email asking about it...Really its only open to those who live or stalk in Scotland...



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    Me and my son got to be invited on the grounds we spend alot of time in scotland and have had out of season licenses for years . If you contact the DCS and ask for a copy of there best practice guide it was about 15 when it started and well worth it i might add . You will then be on there mailing list and you will receive notification of all forth coming events they put on around scotland hope this helps cheers MUDDY

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    I understand the range day is in Nairn, I would really have enjoyed this, but it must be about 6 hours up the road!
    The carcass preparation day is a bit further south though, so I think that might be more of a sensible option for me.
    Shame to take a day off work, but I'm sure it will be worth it.
    Anyone else on here thinking of going?

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    Thanks for the info guys, will subscribe.
    Depending where the meet days are i may attend.

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    Carcass preparation,producing quality venison.

    I went to this training day last week & found it to be a very good day,
    John Fletcher (vet) gave a good talk on deer diseases, Nichola Fletcher did a good session on venison cookery.
    Niall of Ardnamurchan estate gave some interesting points on promoting venison to the local community,
    & the F.C stalkers showed carcase prep, before we were shown some good stuff in the larder on skinning & butchery.
    Nice one, I would do it again,thanks to all involved.

    I would happily spend 30 on the DCS range day, but like I say,there is a great deal of distance involved,travelling from the south.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete E

    Drop them an email asking about it...Really its only open to those who live or stalk in Scotland...
    Not quite true I'm afraid. I couldn't live any further South unless I took up swimming and I get the same letter of invitation as everybody else that registered for the Best Practise Guide.
    It is just a shame all the events are too far North for me to attend but then the title/name does indicate that is 'probably' be where it all happens

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    Here's the Jan letter:

    You have to hunt around the site a bit before you find the link sometimes.

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