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Thread: Injuries From Deer

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    Injuries From Deer

    We are taught through Level 1 and 2 that approaching a wounded deer is dangerous and what to do in this scenario and also when pulling off the hill. I have never heard of anyone sustaining injuries from such a situation and was wondering if anyone has or is willing to admit to it?


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    A mate who is a pro deer manager for a large Estate shot a buck. On approach he knew the buck was still alive but he thought on it's last legs and decided to end it with a knife rather than shoot it again. Big mistake. As he went over to the beast it suddenly sprung to it's feet and charged straight at him. He grabbed hold of the antlers and although he is a strongly built lad it took him a great deal of effort to wrestle that buck to the ground. The pearling sliced his hands open but he was in a catch 22 where he did not want to let go as it was determined to get at him. The buck eventually bleed to death from the bullet wound. I certainly had a laugh when he told me the story but I really wish I had been there.

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    Not from an injured deer, but I did cut the palm of my hand my hand quite badly during a gralloch... there was so much blood I didn't know how bad it was until I wiped up and realised it was through to the muscle.
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    Here,s one chap out for a casual walk who attrackted unwanted attention, though not while stalking !!
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    - - and not just Deer either - - watch those Donkeys !!

    Man Vs. Donkey - Video
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    Never been unlucky enough for a stag to catch me unaware, but while helping a contract deer stalker friend we shot 3 red hinds two were fine as I walked to the third to gralloch it.... I was talking to my mate, first mistake, and got in kicking distance from her took quite a brutal thump to the thigh but was lucky it was outside not inside!! while my mate nearly wet himself laughing at my misfortune I managed to get behind her and cut the atlas joint. could of been a great deal worse but i can laugh about this now.... I leason learned in all!!!!


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    Hi Andy.

    I shot a biggish Muntjac buck, high neck, and it dropped to the spot. Watched it for 5 mins, with not a breath moving the body. Walked up to the carcase with my dog at heel, and touched the eyeball with sticks - no blink reaction, so all good.

    Always suspend to gralloch where possible, so sat the dog up and hocked the deer ready to hang. Phone rang, so I answered it, turned my back to look down a ride, knife in hand. Dog moved and sniffed / licked the blood from the hide, and the deer twitched, and kicked me in the calf behing my left knee... Went down like a sack of spuds, dropped the knife, and stabbed myself through the hand between ring and middle finger. Went to A&E where they stitched it with very little anaesthetic - once they had found out why I got a knife in my hand....

    Never turn my back on deer now, even when I think / know they are dead....

    All the best.


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    JRoe, think that Donkey is want'n to fire a different GUN !!!
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    One of my stalking partners - who is one of the most experienced deer people in this end of the country, went over to inspect a red stag he'd shot. It jumped up and butted him in the chest with its antlers. It caught him on the breastbone - he reckoned an inch higher, and it'd have killed or seriously injured him.

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    Ive nearly had my wrist opened up by both roe and red who were by rights dead but still twitching, a hoof flung at full pelt can be very sharp, and I'm definitely more cautious now.

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