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Thread: Right Time Wrong Place

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    Right Time Wrong Place

    Perhaps I should have sitting in the high seat

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    Ufortunately thats sods law, there always the next tme. !
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Funny how a couple of minutes can make a difference to an outing. Good high seat position though ...

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    That would be the high seat you were sitting in the other night complaining of the cold. Nice group

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    gazza ,,,,,I have been in the wrong time, wrong place for the last 3 months, I think I have lost my stalking mojo.

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    I honestly believe that we all go through these periods from time to time when nothing goes right. I recall a few years back going out with syndicate members to ground in the Borders. My two friends always seemed to get it right but no matter what I did I was coming home blank. Then something changed, the corner was turned and I was back on track. Your mojo will be back.

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    Life's a bitch but you've got to laugh !

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    Yip, Happyhunt. Went into my box at 5.45. Same one you were in at the beginning of the week. Spoiled for choise, 5 came out to play. A group of three, and a pair. The group of three saw of the pair. Thought I had blown it when they all made off into the trees. The 3 came back after 20 minutes. The buck in the lead, Your one by the caravan's BIG brother. The 3 were working across the clearfell. The pair came back out. Again they were chased. This time they came closer. The yearling stood in front of a "ranged "tree (138m) so I dropped her. There was another yearling in the group of three, maybe later. Both mature does looked heavy though so they will be left for another day.

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