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Thread: Blood Trays - what do you use?

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    Blood Trays - what do you use?

    I know you can buy proper blood trays from BDS/Reeves etc but what do people use in the back of their vehicles? Is there a more cost effective option?

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    A Plaster's bath from Jewsons.

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    A piece of old sitting room carpet lines the boot - sacrificial in that if it gets really mucky then throw it away and replace with new.

    Then a plastic tray from Ikea - 3ft by 2ft and £5 - happily takes a Roe deer, but you do have to curl it up a bit.

    I tend to use a blue Ikea bag as a Roe Sack and just dump this into the tray with beast still in it.

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    I use a very large barrel cut in half which takes deer up to fallow, the reds get placed on a tarpaulin.
    The barrel is a great bit of kit, if your not stalking it takes all the dirty wellies/fishing nets/fish etc

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    I use a deep meat tray that I got from a Butcher. It's approximately 100cm x 60cm x 25cm. I have two of them that stack. They hold a couple of muntjac or a roe.


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    I use the Garland Titan gravel tray available for garden centres for about £15. It works ok for Roe and say Fallow prickets and does, although the tray is not strong enough to lift single handedly once it has a good size carcass in it..,32/

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    I use a gold fish pond liner. Its rectangle and very durable. Its made by Laguna. It takes our BIG RED hinds

    Place a plastic floor from a larder and you have a good drain. £35 from seapets, fits very iicely inbetween the wheel arch of the land rover.

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    Thanks chaps - some good ideas there

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    Big blue toy box with a red detachable lid from Homebase - the lid's very handy where the box is visible from outside the car. Takes two roe easily and have had fallow prickets in it (1 at a time) but it didn't do the handles any good

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    I dropped into Homebase last week and picked up a “Mixing Tray” for £14.
    Its great, almost totally fills my boot and fits Munties in no problem.

    However, a word of warning – After a successful Sunday morning stalk I lifted it out of the boot with 3 Muntjac in it and half way across the yard the bl**dy thing broke and crashed to the ground. Managed to salvage it with good old duck tape. Just annoyed I broke my shiny new carcus tray within it’s first week!

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