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Thread: Moderator bore size?

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    Moderator bore size?

    Just got a new mod for the 25-06 & its a .308 mod as this was what i was advised i would need due to the 25cal head being pushed through it.

    Its a wildcat predator 8 & it still leaves the rifle as loud as hell, even with the mod... its definately more audiable than just the supersonic crack.

    Whats your guys opinion on this, is it just that the wildcats are not as good as say the T8 for sound moderation, or is it that the bore diametre of the moderator is too large for a 25-06?

    All opinions welcome



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    you need a 6.5 mod hole ,i have seen this quite a few times if you dont match the hole size no matter how good your mod is it will be loader than if you had a 25 cal hole but i think most mods dont do 25 cal so next best is 6.5
    if it has a factory fitted thread then thats why some recomend a bigger hole ,but if you get it done by a precision gunsmith then go the same size as bullet to make it as effective as poss

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    Dale. Can I suggest trying a .30 cal AU-SL5 and then you can put it on any rifle you use up to .30 cal? Regards JCS

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    Will the AU-SL5 help moderate the noise any better than the wildcat .30 cal moderator? If yes, what would make it perform better?

    Taylor's advice is to reduce the bore diametre to 6.5, this makes more sense in my head than trying a different brand of moderator.



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    check out the wildcat site , they list the following cal inserts
    Predator 8
    Calibre Inserts Now Available -
    .17, 22, 243, 25, 27, 30 , 338, 375, 44.
    Others made to order

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    i had 2 rifles in last month both were same caliber one was a 30cal mod and 1 was a 6.5 mod the one with the 6.5 was noticable quiter ,had this quite a few times
    for a man that has several rifles then a 30 cal mod is a good idea but it is loader ,matching the hole makes it more efficent

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    Some mods seem to work better with calibre specific baffles

    Wildcat being one of them

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    I opted to take the Wildcat back to the shop i bought it from & swap it for a T8.

    Its not as easily maintained but i know it works.

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    My Predator 8 was bloody noisy... and bloody heavy.... gone now

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    The exact same issues i was having, thats why mine is going too after only firing 4 shots through it.

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