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Thread: Butchering your Deer: Excellent training by Buckbones.

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    Butchering your Deer: Excellent training by Buckbones.

    Ok so your stalk went well. A clean kill and an easy grallock.
    Its time to break the carcass down into convenient and recognisable joints. But knowing the best way to do it means you dont have to call in favours, try to befriend a 'tame' butcher or make a total **** of the process.
    I spent a day with Andrew learning to make the most of a carcass, what to look for , how to produce the best results, and what cuts provide the best cooking.
    As an experienced butcher his training has given me far more confidence in my ability to complete the skinning and breaking down process effectively and in an hygienic manner, what to look for and avoid, and how to ensure the best results.
    Whilst there are a variety of (somewhat variable quality) vids on YouTube etc in order to ensure the best training its got to be a 'hands on' experience for me. I see we have some vids on the forum too if you look.

    We started by skinning a sika that had hung for a couple of days in a cold room, so skinning was not as easy as on a recently shot and still warm carcass, then broke it down into its initial joints prior to my learning how to trim, joint and process the meat. Most informative with the whole process accompanied in a relaxed and easy manner accompanied by regular tea!
    Indeed a great day and an excellent way to develop and improve the skills I'll need throughout my stalking.
    To finish off the day we were planing on some shooting with different deer sized targets and at a variety of ranges up to 250 yards, which is difficult to find on a standard range. However the weather.. mainly the force 6 blowing hard from the left...! decided that there was little point I'll definitely be back to repeat the experience soon.

    Many thanks Buckbones.


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    Knowing Andrew nothing you say above surprises me, top bloke, knows his stuff and loves his tea :-)

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Hi mate how much does it cost to have a day doing this as it sounds great. And where abouts is he?


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    I am waiting a response from him for the last week so I am not sure it he is away from his computer as he doesn't seem to be answering at the moment..
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    im looking forward to having a day with andy this said above, really nice guy, he cant help you enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    Hi mate how much does it cost to have a day doing this as it sounds great. And where abouts is he?

    Depends what you want to do and what else there is time for.
    Drop him a PM and he'll respond pretty reliably.
    He'll give you a price and stick to it.. No added unexpected expenses.. just good solid honest training and a great amusing day.
    His location on SD is leicestershire so it'll be round about that area. Depends what you need and want to achieve as to where you'll go??

    Available: Venson Butchery Course. Learn To Butcher A Roe Deer And Take It All Home With You

    On the ad in the forum as above the cost is 125 but double check with him.


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    Cool thanks for the link mate

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