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Thread: 30mm Hilver rings

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    30mm Hilver rings

    As title I'm after a set of 30mm Hilver rings for my BSA CF2, if not just the rings ,rings and bases to fit said rifle please.
    Cheers Jase.

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    The CF2 uses the same mounts as the Remington 700. There is a huge selection out there.

    Optics warehouse have some Hilver rings they might have what you want. you don't say which type of Hilvers you have or would try to offer more ideas.

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    Right I've just picked up the rifle, the mounts are on a flat rail and are fixed to it by a small allen stud on each side of the ring that atatches to the base's post type pillars,so it looks like they are windage adjustable and there are the words "Lynx Australia" stamped on them ,if that makes any sense?
    Cheers Jase.

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