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    Rimfire Lamp Outfit


    I am going to be shooting some rabbits at night with a rimfire on my own. I have a very good torch that came from Hong Kong via Ebay. I recently ordered a remote switch for it and was going to get a scope mount. I thought this set up would sort me out.

    The problem I have is the torch has a high, medium and low setting, plus a strobe setting and an SOS setting. If I turn the torch on and off with the pressure switch I have to go through all the settings, which gives the game away.

    I've had a look at the big led lamps (as opposed to torches) that can be mounted to a scope, but I don't need to illuminate beyond 100 yards. Also, I don't want to spend too much money.

    My question is; what do you use for solo bunny shooting. I'd be grateful for any reccomendations. I don't mind ordering an outfit from abroad off ebay if that's the way forward and am open to all suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I too have a 3 mode lamp, but it comes on full power first, then half power, followed by strobe.
    If you wait 30 seconds or so between uses it will allways come on full power, I have tried to disable the mode function
    but it is controlled by the led control thing in the lamp head, not by the tail switch.
    I used to have asingle mode Deben lamp that worked ok out to 100 yards without a filter, cost me about £70 with mount and rat tail switch.
    Thisone | Tracer LedRay GL4 Gun Light
    It is nothing like as bright as the one I use now, but is great on a rimfire, the mount is also very good, so good I kept it for my new lamp.


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    Hi Bob
    Have a look at item 300592306374 ebay i don't know how good it is,i found it while looking for one myself

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    I had one of these for about 2 weeks as it came on my r10, i have another somewhere but i just can't get the box i think its in down from the garage roof yetAttachment 13431Clulite 150 Lumen Shooting Lamp, cracking lamp for bunny bashing

    Clulite 150 Lumen Tactical Rifle Scope Mounted Lamping Torch
    for close-medium range Night Hunters
    Intense 150 metre range focused illumination Super Bright LED Gun Light
    Made in the UK by Cluson Engineering with UK warranty and support.
    Two light modes, a high and low beam setting operated by inline pressure switch.
    • Operating Time: Huge 10-12 Hours Continuous and 18 hours on low beam
    • High & Low Brightness Mode with Dual Switching on Battery Pack
    • Rapid recharge time of 6-8 hours (charger included).
    • Plug is a UK 3 pin type so if you are using this in a country with 2 pin plugs you will need to use a travel plug converter to charge it.
    Comes complete with Clulite’s unique 25 and 30mm dual gun mounting kit which is the best gun mounting system on the market.
    • LED Lamphead 80mm diameter
    • Dual Gun Mounting Kit 25/30mm
    • 2x Lightweight 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries included with elasticated strap that attaches them to rifle body.
    • Main Switch & Inline Switch with High & Low beam mode
    • Intelligent 240v Mains Charger

    • sale price is £99.90
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    Deben tracer tristar pro,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Deben tracer tristar pro,,
    I have recently set one of these up and it is very good.
    also had a deben tracer stinger mounted on the moderator, worked well out to 100yds for rabbits with the .22, fully gun mounted so no cables trailing

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    I find em with a standard handheld lamp red or green in low light and have a ND 3 X 50 from laser genetics on top of my .22 with a picatiny type self adjustment on windage and elevation for the lamp, the lamp beam itself is adjustable to fit the scope size + reticle at any rimmy range , it is like having a brilliant IR but better, you can have the beam like a pencil if you wish,good bit of kit, wouldn't be without it now, found it to be the best yet.

    Have had no problem with the cold it has worked perfectly


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    I have an Ultrafire from the Bay. Easily illuminates 70 yds. the Deben red filter fits it and I paid less than £20 complete with pressure switch and re-chargeable batteries. Have another look. It was sold as 1000 lumens. Not sure about that but it is plenty good enough for bunnies with a rimfire.
    It's accuracy that kills.

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