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Thread: Proud and prejudiced

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    Proud and prejudiced

    Did any one see this program wouldn't mind some other people's thoughts on it putting the EDL asside I was shocked at some of the things I saw that the Muslims were doing and what they think they are owed in this country it was most upsetting and unbelievable, just before anybody says this is not a racest attack or nothing like that just an opinion watch it here
    Proud and Prejudiced - 4oD - Channel 4

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    carnt watch stuff like that it boils my pi55
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Quote Originally Posted by stav View Post
    carnt watch stuff like that it boils my pi55
    I only watched because a friend was telling me some of the stuff they were doing and tbh I thought he was winding me up but he wasn't never got a wink of sleep last night cause I was so wound up but still really needs to be seen IMO

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    is how it made me feel im afraid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet View Post
    is how it made me feel im afraid.
    Have you ever seen anything like it beacause i haven't

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    I managed to watch until 2.51 then had to stop. What the hell can we do about this!!!!!!!!
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    Can`t watch things like this as i can`t afford a new telly and it would have surely gone out of the window . Living in west yorks i see it first hand.
    East is East and West is West and never the Twain shall meet. Kipling i think.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stav View Post
    carnt watch stuff like that it boils my pi55
    Me to, so I watched about 2 minutes of it.......
    I find myself agreeing in part with them, we are al prejudiced against foreigners to some extent, but I also have the cure..........
    Send them back home, all immigrants that is (if you can trace your ancestry back to 1599 you can stay), pull our troops back home from wherever they may be.
    Leave all these troubled countries to their own devises, cut off all aid, and what will be will be, no fault of ours.
    That would leave our troops to do something worthwhile, protect our borders!


    PS: I usually don't pass comment on political or racial issues, but this time I just had to, sorry.

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    I would sooner stand side by side with a hard working imigrant than a 3rd generation Birtish born and bread welfare scrounger!!


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    There seems to be some confusion on this thread.... Not all Muslims are extremists, just as not everyone from Northern Ireland support the IRA
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