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    Novice from Berkshire
    Ive been meaning to introduce myself for a long time,but only just got round to it
    I shoot a Sako 75 Stainless Synthetic 6.5 x55 & CZ 22RF also a slot on my FAC for 308 which i hope to purchase in the summer,at the moment i can only use for targets at Bisley.
    I became interested in deer stalking about 2 years ago & passed DSC1 18 months ago with the BDS at Fordingbridge.
    Been out on 7 accompanied stalks & shot 3 deer,im well & truly hooked.
    Im considering DSC2 but not sure on the experence i would need before starting
    Also been looking for the land to shoot for the last 18 months,but not having much luck.
    Stalking Directory really good forum.

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    Hi Winkle

    Welcome to the site

    I think land is the hardest thing to arrange, you have my sympathy!



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