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Thread: Highseat rom old scaffold ladder.

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    Highseat rom old scaffold ladder.

    On a trip north Happyhund dropped som old scaffold ladder off. I went out to my workshop. Two and a half hours later I had a high seat ready to paint.
    The shooting rail is adjustable by undoing redoing screws. The shooting rail is 12 foot off the ground but would expect due to angle that will be repositioned to approx 11 feet. Used were 1 old ladder, 2 lengths 4.8 at 3x2. 1 length 2x2 and a ew offcuts. A length of 1omm threaded rod left behind when they built my conservatory. Anyone wantin the procedure drop me an email by pm.

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    never thought of that, i got two metal scaffolding ladders in lock up, if only i could weld

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