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Thread: some caliber advice plz

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    some caliber advice plz

    Hi all

    I would just like a little advice or a push in the right direction. with the ever rising cost of .17hmr at greenfields of Salisbury hitting 17.50 for 50 there has to be a cheaper way to shoot.

    what I would like is peoples advice on what cal I should go for.

    calibres in mind range from .17cf .22cf .222 or even .223 I would like is something that's easy to reload and easy to get hold of and something I can use to hit long or short range bunnies and fox.

    So please any thoughts would be of great help.

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    If you have somewhere to try it, you are welcome to have a go with my .222 any time, just give me a call.
    I have just used it on the range to try some PPU and was quite pleased with the results.
    They work out at around £9 for twenty and the brass is good for reloading too.

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    You probably can't reload for £35 per hundred. But for a few pence more, maybe £0.40 per round, you can reload a 222 or the like and have an excellent small game and vermin round that is superior in every way to the rubbish HMR.

    Do it, you know it makes sense...

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    17 or 20 cf not a great deal of rifles out there in 17 cf but once you find one and shoot it. your wish you had one sooner
    had a 222 and it was very good and accurate but got it rebarrled to a 17 as i always fancied one. going to try a 20 next
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    .17M2? its almost half the price. does much of the same, less noise, good for 150yds without much holdover, 17gn VMax
    BTW £17.50 for 50 HMR is robbery. worth driving a long way and buying more!

    as for reloading. I reload .270 with 56gr N160 and Hornady bullets for under £40 a hundred so you should easily be able to reload .223 for a lot less just on powder alone

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    According to my calculations, 100 50gr Vmax are about £24, so £0.24 for the bullet, primer £0.035 and powder about £0.10 at 21.5gr per load in a 222rem, so £0.375 per round ignoring your brass costs and time. A 17 or 20cal CF will no doubt be much the same.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    i wouldnt worry what little or no saving is offered. but take joy in the fact reloading your own ammo is getting the best out of your rifle and giving you consistent accuracy
    . the hmr ammo has been shocking of late so im told. thats one reason i got rid of mine.

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    The .22 Hornet may be the cheapest centrefire to reload as it only uses 10 to 13 grains of powder. Mine shoots well with the 40 grain bullets eg Sierra HP and others use even cheaper ones. The factory ammo in Hornet is getting expensive so obtaining decent brass may be a problem. The .22 Hornet will kill foxes out to 150 yds with no problem. It will kill much further if the trajectory can be allowed for. If you shoot rabbits or hares with it, shoot them in the head or there will be severe damage,as with the more powerful .22 centrefires. It is not a lawful round for the Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer.
    The Hornet is not difficult to reload, you just need to be careful.
    Have a look at Muir's posts in relation to the .22 Hornet. Enjoy your quest and good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay 22 View Post
    .... the hmr ammo has been shocking of late so im told. thats one reason i got rid of mine.
    The is true for sure. Mine will disappear some of these days and I will get a little anschutz 22lr to replace it.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I had a .17HMR and sold it to fund my .204 i still rate the .17HMR as a good little round but the .204 is far superior in every way,it will decimate foxes out to 350m is very flat shooting hard hitting with no recoil . If i got my maths right with what i buy my powder primers and bullets for it costs me 0.38p per reloaded bullet (not inc brass cost) which is good value i think

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