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Thread: Muntjac Buck with a buttolo

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    Muntjac Buck with a buttolo

    Hi guys,
    I had a morning sitting in one of my high seats on Tuesday. Itoverlooks one of our pheasant pens and has a wood behind that has just been replanted by the estate. It was a nice frosty morning and I got to the seat whileit was still dark. The seat is up against a mature oak tree that has taken somewind damage, this allows you to stand on the seat and view the new plantationbehind.
    The day broke and all around me came alive, the view isgreat and you can see over several fields. This seat has produced many foxes soit was just a waiting game to see what showed.
    After about an hour and half nothing on the cull list hadshown and the cold was starting to bite so I decided to do some calling. Now thequestion was do I try a squeak for a fox or give the buttolo a go for a munty. Thisground has a good population of muntjac but amazingly no roe or fallow, yetthat is!! A few seconds later the buttolo was out and I started to call. After abouta dozen calls I caught something out of my right eye. I turned my head andfroze instantly. There was a nice buck standing in the ride behind the seatstaring straight at me, typical I thought, me and the rifle are pointing thewrong way. I have used the call before but tend not to overdo it, but I havenever had a reaction like this. The buck was stamping his front leg, grunting,snorting and moving his head to see where the call was coming from. He stoodfor what seemed a few minutes desperate to see what was making the noise. It hasgot to be the longest I have ever seen a munty stand still.
    Then with a kick hewas off, luckily he move away and behind the big old oak. We are in I thoughand as soon as he was out of sight I was up with the rifle and looking over thedamaged part of the tree. There he was, not alarmed but disappearing. One lastcall on the buttolo was just enough to stop him and he turned to look back. Crosshairs were on him and the shot was on its way. The reaction was good and hedropped on the spot. I reloaded and watched for any movement, nothing moved,after a short while I was confident of a successful shot.
    What a result. I sat back down and thought about how quickit had all happened, strange how the cold feeling had now gone. After a bit ofa wait and a bit of glassing I thought I would go and check him out. He was ingood condition and my thoughts turned to Sunday dinner.
    Driving home I thought more about the morning. That is what Ilike about stalking you just never know how or when a shot will present itsself. This was one I will certainly remember for a long time.
    Hope you enjoy my brief write up.

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    good write up daz and a cracking result regards pete .

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    Nice buck.

    I've had a few munties come for a look when using the buttolo but never had a shot on from it.

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    great write up. and a cracking buck. i will never forgot when wayne davies took me out off here. to see the munty doe come up the ride under us. turn and come back to the bottom of the high seat sniffing away. was magic to watch.

    im sure your have many more good days on the muntjac in the future

    atb jay

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    A first class write up and a great looking buck.

    “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
    ― Criss Jami

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    Well done Daz great write up & cracking buck


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    What`s a Muntie doing with a buttalo??

    Great write up.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Well done and thanks for posting your account! Sometimes things just happen so quickly that you don't have a chance to prepare yourself - that's when the adrenaline kicks in!

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    nice write up, nice looking animal

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