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Thread: Lead free ammo, any experience?

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    Lead free ammo, any experience?

    Although it is not law yet for most hunting area's, in some states in Germany you can only use lead free rifle ammunition at State Forestry owned land. My permission is not owned by the State Forestry but a number of driven hunt i attend or used to go to were. I have no experience with lead free bullets. Does anyone on the stalking directory has some experience with this type of ammo? (for instance Lapua Naturalis, Sellier &Bellot eXergy and Hornady GMX). I heard that because they are copper "solids" they can be too " hard" for small game and roe. With that i mean they do not give a lot of energy into the body when enter and exit the body.
    I shoot a .308w and am currently using Geco ammo 170 grs. (made by RWS) to my satisfaction. For instance i like my exithole to be big enough so in case it runs off i can track for blood. I rather accept some meatdamage then an animal that is shot and cannot be retrieved because it ran off and lost (even more meat damage) .
    But never to old to try something new (and possibly better).

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    I use Hornady GMX bullets because they most consistently shoot and behave like conventional expanding bullets. I've had problems in the past with Barnes bullets failing to expand and passing through the deer.

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    Barnes TSX work fine for me.

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