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Thread: Why so offended!

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    Why so offended!

    I saw a CF rifle on guntrader I was interested in, hugely inflated and overpriced for what it was, so I emailed the seller and made what I saw was a very reasonable offer and presented my arguments why I felt the offered price was quite pertinent to the rifle in question.

    the reply was very cold and almost sounded hugely offended.

    do people think that is a way to conduct business!

    I have previously also dealt with Highland Horn (on a separate note), which was a decent buying experience..however, I emailed and asked if they could supply the buffaly horn I needed for a forend and a grip cap in certain dimensions, and the reply was: "is it for DIY or 'THE TRADE'!!!"

    I mean, what kind of supposedly professional piece of communication is that to a genuine enquiry??? I then replied nicely and explained that I have previously purchased for them and just needed the horn for a restoration project and could purchase via either a personal account or via business account, whichever suits them response about a week on...I can only assume the have so much income and business that I'm of no interest to them...

    so if anyone knows where to source black buffalo horn in good sizes, please let me know...and don't say highland horn please!

    rant over.

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    I was really surprised to read of your experience with Highland Horn. I've spoken with, and ordered from, them on a number of occasions, most recently when I wanted some sambar antler. I've always found them very responsive.

    What size of horn are you looking for? I've not dealt with them, but have you tried here:
    Otherwise try Mick Wardell:

    So far as your offer on the gun, I've also seen it on the classifieds in this site, where someone offers an item for sale and then others comment on the price. Sometimes the comments come across as (and sometimes just plain are) insulting but you also have to bear in mind everyone's expectation of "worth" is subjective and can, as a result, vary widely. At the end of the day the item is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. I may want 4,000 for a gun, but if someone else is only willing to offer 2,000 then that's what it's worth to them.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Good point WG, and I was surprised too by H'Horn, I thought they were great to deal with last time,,but now I'm put off, just goes to show how careful you have to be in business - there are few customers these days, but many suppliers all fighting for their share to stay alive!

    agree, price is set by what someone is willing to pay, but in this instance an RFD wanting almost the same price as a new tikka for a battered BRNO- one that I recently acquired a similar one of, in MUCH better condition for less than a quarter of the price...some re-sellers need to get a grip on what they expect to fetch for old rifles!!! I mean, you can get a very decent tikka new, or 2nd hand sako for around 700, but you need to pay almost 400 for old beaten up CZ/BRNO's and other stuff on guntrader, even in .22lr! the starting prices on there is a joke - no wonder the rifle sales industry in the UK has frozen up!

    maybe if guntrader starting doing a bidding function the sellers would actually start seeing some more revenue and more volume shifting hands.

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    H'horn asked a reasonable question. Trade rates and DIY vary by the trade markup. There is nothing worse than selling at retail and finding your supplier is selling to DIY at trade prices. You end up looking like a robbing so and so. Similar argument with a national builders merchant had the depot hauled over the coals.

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    I have found horn to be reasonably priced at Attleborough Accessories.


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    I know where you're coming from re. unreasonable expectations on the value of items for sale. However, on the flip side, I've read threads on here where sellers have complained that the only interest they've received in their items is from tyre kickers who aren't willing to pay a fair price.

    This issue is entirely in the eye of the beholder. I've reached the conclusion that if the item I'm interested in is priced at more than about 15 percent of what I'm willing to pay there is no point in getting in touch with the seller as I'm unlikely to agree a deal and the potential for bad feeling isn't worth it.



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    Re my previous post, Attleborough Accessories have moved and are now based in Birmingham.

    I can find no mention of 'Horn' on their new website.


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    I got a piece of buffalo from highland horn next day for 8. they were very helpful and I can only assume it wasnt the main guy who responded as he is a top bloke. I spent longer on the phone chatting with him than it took them to post it!

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    Ok, Martin Hyslop from H'land Horn wrote back to day explaining with an apologetic tone about his last email. all forgiven

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