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Thread: Warranty for new Swarovski optics, 10 years?

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    Warranty for new Swarovski optics, 10 years?

    Warranty for new Swarovski optics, 10 years?

    I have recently purchased Swarovski slc binoculars. They were ex demo, I wanted to check if they qualify for full warranty I gave call to Swarovski UK and they told me that they give 10years for new products I toughed it is 30 years.
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    Does it not say in the paperwork that came with the binoculars how many years you have on the warranty card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh6 View Post
    Does it not say in the paperwork that came with the binoculars how many years you have on the warranty card?
    In my paperwork is written 30 years, but I wanted to know why for the new optic they give just 10 years.
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    Alot of the top company's have lowered there warrentys it seams. I think its abit wrong to be fair.
    With the cost of the top end scopes and bino's these days

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    You're absolutely correct. I was in the process of passing my credit card over for a shiny new Swaro scope when i commented that with the 30yr warrenty it would outlive me. Imagine my shock when the young boy replied that it was only 10yrs now. The owner appeared from no-where and started spouting excuses and promises that i'd never need it anyway. Onviously a rehersed responce but he did look uncomfortable.

    From their website:
    ' In procuring this optical product from SWAROVSKI OPTIK you now own a top-quality instrument for which we grant a worldwide warranty of 10 years from the date of purchase in accordance with the following conditions:.....'

    I snatched my credit card back quicker than a snake could strike. I guess i won't be buying Swarovski any more.

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    I really would not worry about it AT ALL...
    If it hasn't broken in the first 10 years of use, it is not going to need a warranty repair. You only get a 3 year warranty with your car and they cost many times more than a pair of binoculars.
    If it breaks for any other reason before or after 10 years, you can guarantee that Swarovski will look after you regardless of warranty.
    At least that has been my experience with both binoculars and scopes
    I have a feeling that the 10year warranty is due to some USA/EU rules, but Swarovski look after their customers, rest assured of that.

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    My mate sent a 30 year old scope back due to misting (it wasn't)and it came back re-blued and like new for no charge.

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    Interesting that some of the cheaper manufacturers are giving lifetime warranties, with no receipt and regardless of how many owners there has been.
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    I don't know about Englandshire but up here in Jocklandistan the law for a premium product basically states that the initial warranty is legally exceeded when a premium item has been bought to at least 6 years as they reckon if you buy a top end item it should be fit for purpose for much longer. You don't buy a Swiss watch and throw it away when it fails... Something to do with the Sale of Goods Act (Scotland).

    Just got this from my mate who is an Advo....
    Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended by the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994.

    The point is that whether you get a warranty or not, there is no obligation in law to give a warranty, the law gives you certain statutory protection that goods have to be of "satisfactory quality".

    Like all things in life the foregoing simplifies what is a complex area of the law but I am our Stable's consumer law man.

    For example, a car manufacturer sells you a car. It may have a 1 year, 3 year or 5 year warranty. That is a matter of contract.

    Even if there is no warranty if the car breaks in two in year 8 because of a manufacturing fault you still have a claim under SOGA 1979 etc.

    Hope that helps.
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