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Thread: Cheap breastbone saw

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    Cheap breastbone saw

    I was looking at purchasing a saw for cutting through the breastbone of roe but they appear to be around the twenty quid mark.

    Was in screwfix today and bought the following for 1.99

    Seems sturdy enough with a plastic handle and for two quid cant really go wrong!


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    If you get your hands on a 22-24 inch bushman saw give me a shout. I have more stainless blades than I will ever use. Jim

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    A few years ago when we were visiting relatives down south I visited a place called Hell, well I thought it was Hell apparently it was called Blue water shopping centre! Anyway I took my life in my hands and went into a shop called Lakeland and they had a cutlery department and in there I found a little knife that is used for cutting tomato's, it is serrated with curved end, and it cuts through Roe sternums no bother at all. I quite liked shopping for a minute or two

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    hi i used one of these a few years ago one cold evening i nearly cut me fxxg fingers of chain mail glove is not a bad option

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    Quote Originally Posted by steyrman View Post
    hi i used one of these a few years ago one cold evening i nearly cut me fxxg fingers of chain mail glove is not a bad option
    My thoughts also.
    Nothing to stop your hand going up the blade IF the blade should catch.
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    You don't really need a bone saw for roe. I've found that you can cut through a roe's breast bone with a knife. When you do the grollach run you knife down the left or right hand side of the breast done.

    The ribs and breast bone are connected together with connective tissue that doesn't take to much cutting, I've found it quicker to run my knife down the side of the breast bone than Get a bone saw out to cut through it.

    When you start the cut keep you knife close to the bone and job done.

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    I always carry a sagen bone saw but have never used it for splitting breast bone not even on reds,my trusty buck knife splits them no probs,pull it from the inside outwards but be careful not to stab yourself in the leg.

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    I was bought a Buck Alpha Crosslock, which has a main blade, and then a saw blade, and gut hook combined. It is awesome, and not had a breastbone yet that this would not tackle. Just pull the blade from inside to out, job done.

    Before I had this knife, I did the same as other replies, and cut down the side of the breast bone.

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    They are not 'fit for purpose' mate. If you look at the teeth, they are very coarse and cut on the push stroke which will push hair, dirt, etc into the carcass. You need a saw that cuts on the pull stroke, and preferably stainless steel.

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    The saw blade on a Leatherman super tool is ideal for the job, preferably a well used one.


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