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Thread: Fore sight hood

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    Fore sight hood

    Wanted foresight hood for a BSA CF2,if anyone can help please let me know.
    Cheers Jase.

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    jase cant help im afraid ,did you get your cf2 in the end?,atb wayne

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    Yep, picked it up this afternoon Wayne,it's absolutely mint apart from the missing hood(I'm sure they come with one)oh and the wrong size rings,will try and get some pictures up when I find my camera.
    Atb Jase.

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    nice one good luck with finding one,wayne

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    No Probs on the Hood I have a spare. Will look it out in the morning.

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    Thanks Brithunter,top man.

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    Sorry having checked I cannot find them. Had two so either I have mislaid them or I putt hem onto rifles. I certainly put one onto a Majestic. Will look again as I cannot find the Parker-Hale ramps and fore sight covers either so there is a box somewhere with some in..

    If not give Kinbbs a call. The CF2's ones are round and te same as fitted to the Meteor and late Airsporter.

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    hi jase, i am almost sure i have one, pm me your details, and i will hunt it out when i get back from work tonight.

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    Still looking lads,despite BH's and Thomas's kind offers they seem to be hard to find.
    Jase.***Now Sorted Thanks***
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