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Thread: When do you stop

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    When do you stop

    There was a post recently about should we shoot does in March . I stalk/lamp on mostly arable ground and woodland , with out any game shooting interests and no livestock . I give up shooting foxes for sport this time of year as i dont find the though of leaving cubs to starve to death very pleasant . What is the general consensus on this issue ? I suppose the cubs are next seasons sport .


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    'cubs are next seasons sport'... thats one way to look at them! it would be nice to think that you didnt cause any orphaning of cubs or unnecessary suffering however this is unavoidable. I shoot over a lot of arable land where it is nigh on impossible to get at foxes after Easter due to the crops. I would never think twice about shooting a fox regardless of the time of year as my cubs are next years killers..

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    Until foxes started eating my chicken I used to look on them only as a sporting quarry, now I am happy to ambush these foxes at any time, cubs or not. atb Tim

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    +1 mate. i always finish up my foxing at the end of february when they start to really pair up . gives them a chance to reproduce for next year. but the other side of the coin is gamekeepers and professional vermin controllers etc whos livelihood depends on it usually shoot them throughout the year. theres no wrong or right here it just depends on the level of control of foxes needed to suit the person who is shooting them.

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