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Thread: pocket and flash hole uniforming

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    pocket and flash hole uniforming

    could someone give me some advice on primer pocket uniforming please ,up to now i have been throwing home loads together and getting pretty decent results at 100 yards ish but im now looking to refine and improve things a bit as i am starting to increase ranges ! i have started to batch brass and was going to uniform the primer pockets and flash holes .looking at the rcbs uniforming tools they come in 6mm,7mm etc, now im probably missing something basic here but i load for 25-06 and 308 (308 is obvious but .25? ) arnt primers standard though????? i have been using lee primer pocket tool up to now !

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    you need a large primer pocket uniformer and a flash hole deburing tool give reloading solutions a call and ask for the k&m tools for these and you have a large primmer
    never used rcbs so cant comment on these

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    i bought one of those lyman case prep kits five pieces for about £40-00, it does all mine from .223, 243. 270 and .308. good value in my opinion

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    K&M make some good stuff and I use one of these sometimes:

    and slightly off the thread, one of these:

    Regards JCS
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    thats the sort of thing i was expecting to buy ! should have known better i went into the sportsman !!!!

    i use the lee tool for cleaning as it covers the large and small primers, but just fancied tweaking the loads a bit for my satisfaction more than anything !

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    You should have been able to buy the Lyman flash hole uniformer tool as a seperate item in the Sportsman for about £10, that's where I bought mine.
    They also sell the kits as mentioned by Deanandrew64 but there are lots of items in the kit that I didn't have need for or even know what to do with so I saved my money and took the cheap option.
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    I bought the Lyman primer pocket uniforming tools from the Optics warehouse, one for large and one for small primer pockets.

    The flash hole deburring tool I bought from Reloading solutions a few years ago. It was less than £5 and it does all case flashholes, it looks like the one in step 6 of this article, only with a plastic handle..

    You can buy all the bits you need from Reloading Solutions

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    Hi Glyn, I de-burr flash holes on my cases (Once only, RCBS tool). as well as the obvious cleaning of the primer pocket (Lyman tools) each time I reload the cartridge. I'm sure it does make a difference, but I don't know how much. I load for stalking rather than target shooting, so the only time I'm shooting at paper is to zero or check ammunition.
    Doesn't matter though, I just feel I've done as much as I can to turn out decent reloaded ammunition, in properly prepped cases.
    Let' s put it this way, it's always worked on the quarry up to now. Cheers.
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    ive never done mine and i dont have a accuracy problem

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    I think that the benefits are limited and only really noticeable at longer ranges Swarovski, but it does remove another potential variable when using some of the cheaper cases I suppose. That's where Lapua cases and their like come into the equation because their flash holes are supposed to be drilled out rather than punched out or so I have heard.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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