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Thread: cammo or plain

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    cammo or plain

    hi All, this is my first post and a bit of a basic question i suppose, in the debate of clothing what do you guys recommend , i have got a range of ex army dpm clothing from my former life , smocks and trousers in normal dpm , multi terrain pattern, jack pyke realtree etc, also i have a set of deerhunter in plain brown, my mate swears it has to be camouflage or nothing but i am not convinced either way , both are fairly quiet and rustle free, i would say the dpm has the edge but not by much, all comments welcome,
    thanks Dev.

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    I mix them up depending on where I am, what I am going after and what the weather is doing.

    Dark green will cover most environments.

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    Dev like you I have a selection of clothing from a previous life that is sometimes suitable for stalking, however in my dotage I prefer to be warm and dry, so I rarely use it. Instead I use Swanndri, swazi, rivers west etc.
    As for cam, I believe that it is for the human eye and does not make much difference to the beasts. Movement and smell are their warnings. I wear muted colours, hardley ever camoflage. The only thing I use is an old desert pattern smock, this is excellent in the dead grass, far better than the usual darker colours.
    Final point, these days it is better to be seen by the public wearing more traditional stalking attire than be called in as a SAS wannabe/nutter wandering around in the woods. The police rarely have a sense of humour, where firearms are concerned.

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    I dont think it matters what colour your clothing is, i've got all sorts, DPM, real tree and lots of just plain green and brown clothing its field craft that counts, at the end of the day deer and most other animals see in monochrome so I doubt the colour or pattern really matters, sound, movement and smell are the main give aways.

    On another note it seems to me that a lot of modern cammo types, real tree ect, only seem to suit one given type of environment, woodland, winter woodland, salt marsh ect and stick out like a sore thumb in places where the background doesn't match, also a lot of it seems very shiny to me, especially stuff from rivers west, and even the fleece stuff really reflects sunlight and can look white if it catches the sun.

    There is also the thing about never washing your cammo stuff here as well, quite a lot of washing powders have UV reflective addatives to make your whites whiter than white, wash a pair of DPM trousers in Daz then put them under a UV light, a lot of animals can see into the UV spectrum even though they see in black and white so there isn't much point going into the woods head to toe in cammo if its glowing like a light bulb.

    Sorry to waffle, but as Cooter says dark green or brown clothes and good field craft will cover almost everything.


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    Went out last week end stalking in a plain green jacket as my real tree musto was making me too hot.
    I got within 60y of 2 roe.(No presentable shot)

    I have always believed any camo is better as the breakup of the patterns blend in better ,but wearing my Green german border patrol jacket made no odds ?

    Slow movement is the key and cover the hands

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    Drab colours and comfortable
    Save Water Drink Single Malt

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    green or brown trousers and a camo jacket gives a good tree effect, you dont need to spend hundreds of pounds, but make sure the trousers are comfy if walking long distances stalking, or take some savlon for after!

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    Camo no good in little cheff for breakfast or in the filling station dont think the deer care

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    Comfort and warmth in mute colours is as good as anything else. I have a number of different bits but always seem to end up with green trousers and realtree jacket. You can take it off and look relatively normal if you have to pop into town or something afterwards!

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    If you are interested I ran a little, rather unscientific, cammo test earlier in the year, the first test evolved into an attempt to represent and replicate what deer actually see as it goes down the thread and the 2nd and 3rd test continued on this line:

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