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Thread: Mallards out of season?

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    Mallards out of season?

    Hi all

    Over the winter I helped out a farmer with a duck problem. Each day after the cattle had been fed (and farmer had gone in for breakfast), a huge troop of mallards would waddle up from the valley and eat the silage and generally make mess everywhere! He wanted me to help out so I obliged, and put my air rifle to good use (head shots ONLY, clean kill or nothing). Using a shotgun or rifle was out of the question, for numerous reasons! I was never going to shoot them all, but taking 2 to 4 each visit was enough, the main thing was to act as a deterrent, so they knew the farmyard was out of bounds! I did this for a while up until the duck season finished.
    Anyway, recently he got in contact again saying the ducks are returning in numbers. I explained they're not in season anymore (correct me if I'm wrong! I'm very sure, but then again I don't have much to do with gamebirds/gamebird shooting!). He was suprised there even was a season and said well what can be done? They are being a real pest!

    I wondered if there are any loopholes/allowances for this sort of situation?!? I fully appreciate the reasons for seasons etc., but this is pest control and I would have thought something could be done?

    Oh and I know there are other ways of deterring them, we have talked about other methods but at the moment I'd really like to find out if there's any way I can legally shoot them?

    Any help much appreciated

    Thanks all

    Any help much app

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    a jack russell

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    Unfortunately there's not a resident farm dog where the barns are on this section as the farm is split into two, otherwise that would have solved it!

    Anyone know if theres any way ducks can be shot out of season?

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    theyll stop shortly , pair up and nest

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    Contact DEFRA or English Nature. I doubt you will get anywhere with it. Maybe worth using a catcher in season.

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    Cheers for the help guys

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    but being as their out of season you will have to wait until september

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    hi now its a bit off topic on this. but are you braking the law buy using lead pellets on wild fowl ? the law on lead shot is a bit of a strange one. i dont know the answer to this one hope somone can tell me.

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    If your within 3km of an airfield your conered by the general licence to preserve air safety.

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    The lead shot law is to prevent water fowl especially swand picking up the shot as gizzard grit. Lead pellets would not have the same impact so any offence would be pedantic. Catch them up and offer them free to good haome on here and you will have a convoy.Jim

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