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Thread: Scope mounts and rings

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    Scope mounts and rings

    Can anyone advise me on what bases and rings are good for a CZ550. Half decent would be fine, but not going up to Apel money etc.

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    I got some fitted as standard to my 550 when I bought it, 550 specific, don't know price as all part of the deal.


    Alan (KG)

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    Try weaver rings and bases.

    Really strong and wont break the bank. Beware of anything with "windage" screws on the rear mount. nothing but grief.

    IM experience

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    Richard got some new CZ rings and mounts that I dont need you can have for P & P only, do you want 1" or 30 mill & let me have the measurements


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    Buck52, that was very nice. Good on you mate! Cheers, Rene.

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