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Thread: Scope ?

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    Scope ?

    A question about scope/rifle combination, i am thinking of aquiring a browning x bolt fluted barrel, i have the chance of a schmidt and bender 3-12 x 50 32mm tube with side parallax ,is this scope a bit ott for the rifle and what type of moderator would you recommend .

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    all depends on what you are wanting to do with the rifle?

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    deer mostly and the odd fox if i come across it when out stalking

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    Go for a fixed mag scope. 8x56 S&B for example.
    Less to go wrong, cheaper and you will get used to it a lot quicker.
    No need for higher than 8 mag for general shooting, target shooters will disagree, but they are looking for keyholing on paper, not killing animals.

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    I recon you are refering to the 34 mm tube PMII 3-12 with side paralax.
    Might be a bit on the heavy side but otherwise a great scope.
    8x56 was mainly designed for high seat use at night...that's it.
    At 3 mag the 3-12 is great for the short range off the shoulder shots and the 12 mag is
    good for a precise head or neck shot if that is needed.
    3-12 is way more versatile.

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    I use a variable to 12 power PM II on my 25-06. It is a cracking scope if a little heavy and works really well in low light. When I first got it I was laid on a ride with a couple of mates one with a doctor scope one with a 6.5-20x50 VX III and me with my PM II when a fox came out at 200 yards. It wasn't my turn to shoot but I was the only one who could see it so I got to take the shot since that night I will always put the best glass I can afford on my rifles and IMHO S & B's are some of the best.


    Forgot to say that if anything goes wrong with it you can send it back to S&B and they will fix it. I had an issue with dust on the inside of the objective lense. It was sent back by York guns and I got it back fixed and serviced free of charge inside 5 weeks. I've had the scope about 5 years and it was bought second hand.
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    If you are new to stalking then I agree with keeping it simple with a fixed power (good quality) scope. Put the spare money towards a decent set of binos or some other stalking kit you are bound to want.

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    if you are shooting low light 8X56 if lights is not going to be a problem or you are shooting on the hill 6x42 low mag better of sticks

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    i would stick with the 3-12 if your going to be shooting foxes as well ive owned both a 8x56 and 3-12x50 schmidt and i kept the 3-12 purly because it was better for my foxing work, i stalk roe and the ocasional muntie in woodland and i still keep the mag on x12 even if im taking a 30 or 40 yard shot as i can still see whats going on

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    Ive got a 3 to 12 schmidt and this gives you more options to suit what you are doing then and there.This scope is on my rifle since new and im on my third barrel.

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