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Thread: Harris bipod

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    Harris bipod

    I'm after the smallest swivel Harris bipod (6"-9" I think) if anyone can help.
    Or maybe even the next size up.

    Cheers. Matt.

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    I am selling a Harris 6-9BR swivel bipod for 65 posted. Two years old used on the range.
    The thread was dated 5/3/2012 but my PC is not behaving otherwise I would post a link.
    The two people expressing an interest have not completed due to 1. Ireland postage and 2. No response.

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    Bump. The above offer didn't happen.

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    i have a Harris 6-9 for sale , pm coming your way

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    Matt, if you don't get sorted I have the next one up (9"-13" Swivel) for sale. 50 posted.

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