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Thread: Devon deer

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    Devon deer

    Any idea what species of deer there are in the seaton area of Devon. I know there's fallow but just wondered what else there might be.

    Cheers. Matt.
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    I'd imagine there's a good population of roe around there.

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    I have never stalked over there but i should think there will be Sika.

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    on the local estate i know theres sika apperantly not far away there is a couple of reds which i think are sika the fallow are not far from there and yes roe its about 9 miles from me theres 2 big estates in that area i know the keepers on both and if you want to know more drop me a line

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    A more acurate answer to your question is only roe , i have managed deer in woodland around this area for 21 years, there are a few fallow west of seaton these are fairly recent escapees from a wildlife park but have increased in number considerably over the past ten years or so , sika mostly males are regular visitors to the area moving down through from west dorset were they are well established, i have heard and seen photos of odd red these are a long way fromthere normal range and thought to be from farms in this area hope this helps.

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