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Thread: Stalking Available

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    Stalking Available

    I have just been offered 3500 acres of which 200-300 acres is woodland of some description.there is also a 4 acre trout loch. I have shot this land for the last 15 years free of charge and there has now been a change of ownership and is up for lease,with me having first refusal.I have shot approx 20-30 roe off it on a yearly basis.I have several other leases and one can only shoot so much,so rather than let it go on the open market my intention is to syndicate it out.
    So what is on offer:
    Approx 3500 acres of farmland with 200-300 acres of satellite woods ranging from 5 acres to 150 acres.Trout fishing on a 4-5 acre loch
    A lot of the farmland is surrounded by mature sitka spruce forestry.
    There is an 60 acres restock which an out of season license applies and ALL deer on this are shot on sight..
    The stalking is split in two with 600 acres approx 5 miles from the main block.
    As part of the lease anyone who intends to stay overnight would be invited to use the the farm cottage @25.00 per night per person(sleeps upto 6).
    A walk-in chill is available at the cottage.
    Rough shooting is available on one farm of 600 acres with Salmon fishing available on a short stretch(3/4 mile) of the local spate river.
    we intend to put down approx 100 pheasant to compliment the local population.So the obligatory shooting of ground vermin would apply..

    Criteria to be met:
    All guns MUST be fully insured.
    Game License
    A commitment of a minimum 4 visits per year.
    No 22 centerfires.
    There will be no syndicate member closer than 50 miles, for obvious reasons.

    8 syndicate guns max,teams of two or three would be ideal.

    We haven't agreed a price yet but I think it will be in the region of 400-500 per gun plus costs for the fish/pheasants and feed.

    Anyone with any interest please P.M me asap, viewing can be arranged, or I can e-mail pictures..
    It will be first come first served..

    Located in South West Scotland approx 25miles north west of Dumfries


    P.S there may be some other additions a thing progress, I will keep you informed.

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    Sorry forgot to add no DMQ requirement.
    Do not despair if I do not answer your P.M's straight away... I will get to it..


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    I have sent you a PM regarding this...I hope it arrives!

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    And another one send. Cheers, Rene.

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    And another one!

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    signed the lease today, so details will get posted over the weekend, and an application form will be sent out to all who are interested on the same day.
    Will post picures over the weekend and then you can decide yourself.
    anyone who wishes to visit is quite welcome but you will have to be quick.
    I intend to post out forms next week and to make it fair it will be first back complete will be in..


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