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Thread: land to larder

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    land to larder

    Land to Larder
    A unique opportunity for individuals or groups to learn about deer stalking and the management of deer. A chance to Harvest a deer from their natural environment and to watch it be prepared by our professional butcher ready for cooking. Whether you are a novice or an experienced stalker everyone will benefit from the different elements this course has to offer.

    This two day course includes the following;

    • An Introduction to Deer Stalking
    • Deer Identification
    • Stalking Techniques
    • Gun Safety And Handling
    • Game Larders
    • Butchering Skills
    • Ultimate Free Range Meat

    This course is available to all individuals regardless of experience and will help towards anyone wishing to gain Certificate Level 1 & 2 in Deer Stalking.
    Refreshments and lunch will be provided throughout the two days.
    (Accommodation can be arranged locally on your behalf with various hotels and B&Bís if required).
    Max 6 people per course.

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    A bit odd... been all through the website, no address, no phone number, no Fax number, not even a country.

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    Thanks Scotsgun, we can run these when best suitable for clients and they are predominantly run in Suffolk but we are looking at offering these throughout the UK, if they appear successful.

    RED-DOT - Not sure I understand your comments however I would like to try to explain what I think you mean.
    "A bit odd... been all through the website, no address, no phone number, no Fax number, not even a country.

    If you look through the Website as you say you have I am sure you will find the following;
    No address – As we cover the hole of the UK and travel you won’t find a postal address but will find an email address, and not sure why you require a postal address.
    No phone number - If you look on the Contact Page it clearly stated an email address and Mobile Number telephone number.
    No Fax number - We are in the 21 Century and unfortunately don’t use Fax machines.
    Not even a country - Please refer to the Home Page where it states Hunting Experiences have provided Deer Management and Consultancy Services throughout the UK and are experienced in undertaking crop & habitat protection surveys as well as risk & definition assessments.
    Many Thanks for your positive Comments though.

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    I have no doubt you can supply good opportunities but i never deal with a cyber company that doesn't show thier address or phone number. I could make up a website and get a PAYG mobile number with glowing reports and library pictures for little money and if there is no contact other than an email addy i would rightly expect little buisness... Is that just me or are others as afraid of the "21st Century"?

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    Many thanks for your reply, so you are sure we could provide "good opportunities" yet you would never deal with us because theres a small percentage of a chance we could be a "cyber company". You have come to this conclusion because we dont show an address or land line phone number.

    Your quite right anyone could make up a website and get a PAYG mobile number with glowing reports and library pictures for little money. However could you get live reports such as the write ups written by other members of this site. Possiblely.

    There is only one thing I have left to say on this & its good luck with the stalking you have and i wish you all the best, and i am greatful to all the previous enquiries & people that have been out with Hunting Experiences.

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    mr hunting experience dont you think a proper phone number ie office/base or address would give your potential customers a better feeling of security? afterall these days you cant take anyone on face value im with red dot on this one

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    I wonder how HMRC would view a business that doesn't have a postal address, and how a business would get public liability and other insurances without a postal address? We must assume therefore that huntingexperiences does indeed have a postal address, but chooses not to reveal it, and draw what inferences we may from that.

    I'm surprised that the website says Moffat is "3 minutes from the M74"; the last time I was round those parts, last Saturday, Moffat was still 20 miles from the start of the M74

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    What difference is a PAYG number to a land line??

    In one of my offices we use a Skype account with a phone number tagged on to it. That number is totally random and not anything to do with my location. We don't live in the 60's anymore.

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    I have got a name, address and personal email doesn't take long to find someone. Especially if they have registered a website.

    People have to realise this sort of information is out there, easy to find even for me!

    So R-D you have to realise is that real con-artists will cover there tracks a lot better than that. Good luck with your course Hunting Experiences, I mean Craig

    Just a note, I am not being negative about the course or poster just pointing out how easy it is to find out info on people.
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