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Thread: German S&B 6x42

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    German S&B 6x42

    I offered this as a swop. No takers. I am watching two variables on this site that are still open as available. I would want to make an offer on either. However like many it would leave a hole in my bank ballance and still another scope on the shelf. This is a very good condition S&B 6x42 with a ret no 8. I will sell for 295 inc postage. I could swop it for the one on the .270 to sort out magnification but as a person who does not reload re zeroing would not be a cheap excercise. Rather invest the difference+ in a suitable variable. I could do pics but seen one seen them all with this scope. Only difference to the other posted on here is the country of manufacture.Jim

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    Looks like i will have to switch the scopes around Plenty window shoppers but no-one stopping to buy or even make an offer. Jim

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    Sold pending funds, Thanks again SD, Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    Sold pending funds, Thanks again SD, Jim
    Arrived yesterday, picked it up this morning (from post office as wasn't in yesterday). It was as described, very pleased with the transaction. Jim is a gent to deal with!


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    Cheers, DD Was heading in to bank your money but snow is coming down in sheets, Jim

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