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Thread: Typical out of season

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    Typical out of season

    Out stalking yesterday afternoon in a plantation near my home looking for a young Roe doe. A strong wind was blowing but thought what the hell it will give the dog a bit of exercise. Moving slowly up a narrow ride i spotted a single sika hind grazing at the edge at around 120m. With dog in toe i decided to see how close i could get. Made my way quietly through the spruces till i was around 60m, at this point a could see another hind with this years calf heading out of trees. I backtracked into the trees and managed to get directly opposite the 3 deer who were still unaware of my presence at around 25m. At this point a decent sika stag and spiker joined them. The big stag had a broken left antler above his brow point and he grased fromright to left to a distance of 15m. My BHM Magner at this point was looking at the deer, shaking with excitment and by the way he looked at me was wondering why i had not shot one yet. The stag did gaze in our direction a couple off time but just contined on into trees. All these deer looked in really excellent condition and its not often you can get this close to sika on foot without being detected. Finally i stood up as one hind fed behind a fir only for her to come back out with head fixed on me. Ah well rumbled. A sharp alarm call and they were off into the trees. I must have been watching them for a good 10mins. Another memory that reminds me that its not all about pulling the trigger.

    ATB wallace

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    i know what you mean,they are one of our most nicest looking amimals we have here,ive 2 more,the woodcock and the osprey,always liked the birds of prey

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    Well done Wallace and well done magner, your name got mentioned this morning and I am supposed to ask you something but I can't remember what , it will come to me later maybe in a year or two!!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    A good write up Wallace - - will you manage a wander over here tomorrow ?

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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