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Thread: Hign seat stalking

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    Hign seat stalking

    Hi Guys,We have a high seat situated in very productive area and in the past few weeks we have taken quite a few roe does and an odd fox from it.There is still at least 5-6 does in this area which needs to be taken out because 40 acre of hard wood are going to be planted and the owner of the land doesnt want the new trees to be damaged.In the past week or so nothing has come anywhere the high seat and we were wondering could it be because we have graloched the deer in that area and smelt blood etc, they are not disturbed and they are still there along with 3 bucks as well, but are crossing a small burn now further down the valley.
    I know that a high seat is there to move about and follow deer, but i was interested to know if you think that deer know to keep away from a particular area having taken a few of them out
    atb John.

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    John, In my experience what you are describig is typical. Even although you site a high seat close to known deer activity they will come to recognise that there is danger there and avoid the area. Either move the high seat or leave the area to settle for a good while. I recall having a high seat overlooking a gap in a dry stone wall where roe crossed between two sections of wood. I shot 3 and then noticed that the gap was no longer in use and they had moved to another gap further up the wood.

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    why not try increasing the amount of seats and invite an extra gun along increasing the possibility,as for the blood\graloch thing ,i shot a doe on a main ride in a biggish wood at 5pm yesterday i dragged the doe to an exit gate 75yrds away and graloched it and left it there for collection ,as i had an hour i went out of the wood and waited between two woods for deer to cross, on returning to the carcase to my amazement a train of fallow were crossing the same ride not 50yrds from the graloch and carcase they had to step over the blood trail from my drag !
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    A few years ago we shot a nice silver medal Roebuck in the eary evening on a corner of a winter barley field. I did the gralloch at the hedge and left it out for a fox, there was a good bit of blood on the barley too. We came back past this spot just half an hour later and 4 Roe were out feeding just feet away from the gralloch and blood.

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