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    Hello there

    I'm from denmark. I shoot a Tikka 595 Varmint in .308, wooden stock version, but I'm getting a fibre glass stock for it. Previously had a Tikka T3 in 6.5x55 swedish but couldn't get along with the stainless look. Swapped it for a Rem 700 SPS varmint, but found it to "sloppy" in many respects and less accurate than the Tikka T3. Swapped the Rem for the 595 mentioned above. I use to be a target shooter, but I also do some pestcontrol and I am planning to do some more hunting in the forseeable future (with some help from my friends). Aquiering hunting ground in Denmark is a bit difficult and / or expensive.

    Looking forward to participating on this forum.


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    Welcome blowpipe.

    I have agood friend whose a Dane. Excellent hunting culture. welcome aboard. look forward to your posts

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    Welcome to the forum Blowpipe, i'll be very interested to hear about hunting in Denmark, I look forward to your posts.


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