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Thread: What would you do with 5k

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    What would you do with 5k

    Ignoring the fact of paying off loans/debts, lets say you were given 5k to do with whatever you wanted, what would you spend your money on ie , vehicle modifications, new rifle, thermal imaging scope/nv, perhaps a hunting holiday even.
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    Give half to my parents.....
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    i would use it to get myself a lease or rent some ground!
    regards, Jez.
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    treat myself to a nice walk in larder

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    me and the other half just had abit of luck. we got just over 7k back from ppi cover when never needed years back . as jez said above would be nice to buy a little lease of ground. but nothing round here really worth having. all the better land is took up.

    did think about selling off a couple of rifles and having a nice one built but to be fair the rifles i have are more then good enough for the use i get out of them. so will get our children something nice not to dear.

    and just keep it in the bank. im sure something you want will come up. dont spend it for the sake of it.

    as for the car route ! save your dosh. been there done that in the early 20's. 200 sx turbos, cosworths, a money pit cars are.
    i cry every time i put diesel in the trooper now. never mind filling a 350 bhp sierra cosworth
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    New 4x4. My old Freelander is F***ED.Do not trust it on long journeys anymore and short time at work rules out a replacement anytime soon. Inidently i would like a Grand Cherokee .


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    i have bought a decent hilux 6000 have been looking for sometime money come from carcasses just put it to one side mind you took a few years

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    If it was 5K to use for 'fun' and for 'myself', like you said, ignoring all the boring stuff...,hhhmmmm..some mountaineering paraphernalia, various shooting extras (reloading gear, moderators, stalking boots, etc. etc.), but if I was to use a big chunk of it on ONE thing (which I think is what you're really asking), I'd say a deposit on a Hilux.

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    Viagra and hookers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    Viagra and hookers
    like it gary lol lol lol

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