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    I last shot CWD quite a few years ago and fancied another go at them so I booked a day with Atom down in Bedfordshire.

    The forecast was for rain but as dawn broke it was still dry with a stiff breeze blowing.We set off glassing the hedgerows with nothing showing until all of a sudden I glassed 2 cwd slinking out from a hedge. They were around 180 ms away and the wind was swirling in their direction , I got to the floor to see if a shot was on but they winded us and took off at a fair pace. Never mind said Atom we will find some more , just as we came around the corner of this hedgerow a fox followed the 2 CWD.

    We stalked round to the furthest edge to get the wind right and continued stalking down a hedgerow bordering a rape field.Again I spied 2 CWD laid down in the rape , and again the wind was being a pain so I quickly crawled to around 140 ms and without hesitation shot a young buck in the neck , the cloud of hair erupting on impact was quite impressive ...

    After the gralloch the rain became very persistent but we continued stalking in search of another.

    We knew they would be tucked up in the hedgerows out of the rain.

    Atom finally spotted another CWD tucked right into a hedge sheltering from the wind and rain. I stalked in to around 140 ms once again and this time shot a doe.
    The explosion of its pelage once again very impressive, look at the height its blown up inside the hedge ..

    Even though the weather was atrocious I really enjoyed the challenge and grassed 2 cwd into the bargain. Thanks again Atom for a great day out , it was a pleasure.

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    Thanks for the write up, I'm still to bag a CWD to make the big six!

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    Glad you had a good time your 2 deer where well stalked and shot, the doe i shot was carrying 5 young you can see why numbers build up so quickly managed to get a fallow this morning saw quite a few amazing how sunshine brings them out

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    Nice looking deer there. As you say they sure are hairy little things.

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    Nice one, that will make up for that nice buck you missed many moons ago


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