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Thread: My young dog

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    Thumbs up My young dog

    Hi folks just posting up a few pictures of my 20week old dog Rowan got him off an SD member Chris ( bronson-2007 ) his training coming along fine and he is so laid back for a young dog I'm taking it easy with him my first pointer always had spaniels and labs before him. Attachment 13457Attachment 13458Attachment 13459Attachment 13460Attachment 13461Attachment 13462

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    Cheers I'm very pleased with him.

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    He looks like a right character. Good luck with the training.

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    Nice looking dog. I was tempted by Bronson's advertisment some weeks back as I was thinking of replacing my old GWP which we lost just before Christmas. I decided not to bother but having seen a photograph of Rowan I'm thinking perhaps I should have gone for another dog after all.
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    He looks great Martin, I am really happy that your pleased with him, I am looking forward to next update.

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    fantastic looker pal keep us all updated on things would ya
    all the best

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    Nice looking dog, like the cocker too. Looks like a nice all round team.

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    Just posting update on my young dog Rowan and to let Chris ( bronson-2007 ) off here see some photographs of him! Rowan is 41 weeks now and is coming along great he is hunting hard and retrieving well anything dead fur or feather he brings to me and he don't bother what state of decay it is in!
    Whistle work has taken a while to sink in but now the penny has dropped he stops and returns easy, He is clever too clever sometimes and headstrong but still young yet so plenty time.
    Attachment 18062Attachment 18063Attachment 18064Attachment 18065Attachment 18066

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