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    We're just coming to the end of a week's skiing holiday in Sweden; the highlight for me was a ptarmigan flying overhead as I stopped halfway down a slope. I didn't manage to see a moose, although they are in the area. A lot of the bars have stuffed game, hares, capercallie, ptarmigan & lynx on display, and there is a stuffed bear (with a photo of the guy who shot it) in the local supermarket. It is a real contrast to how things are in the UK. It's a great country, and I would love to come back one day with a shotgun or rifle.
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    pm me for a trip to finish lapland in sept, hunting cappers, ptarmigan, black cock and blue hare over pointers, cheaper then you might think

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    That sound's very tempting, I'll be in touch when we get home.

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    Ive been a few times hunting cappers, graet fun but you need your running shoes on, its not like a strowl out on the moor,the dogs cant hold them down, so they go on foot scent,you run like the clappers before they take flight.......

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