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Thread: zeiss 6x24x56 victory diavari scope

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    zeiss 6x24x56 victory diavari scope

    hi i am thinking of buying a zeiss 6x24x56 victory diavari can any one tell me what they are like compared with swaro 5x30x50 thanks

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    havent used the swaro but do have the zeiss and it is superb. very sharp image and great in low light. also under the lamp when foxing it really comes into its own.

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    thanks jay 22

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    I've got the Z6 in 2-12x50 and the Diavari 6-24x56, IMO the ziess wins the day quite comfortably. The clarity is better for sure, its a really nice piece of kit which I'm sure you won't regret buying, money well spent.

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    I have two of the zeiss 6-24x56 scopes and they are superb
    Optics are great at all power settings and great when lamping.
    I often adjust my turrets when shooting at different ranges and they always track perfectly.

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    I have two of these as well. Crystal clear optics and even better than my S&B 5-25*56 PM11. Would have no hesitation in buying another one should the need arise.

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    Call me biased, I am.
    I have 2, 6-24x56 scopes 1 with ret 60, 1 with z7 ir.
    Fantastic optics in a small package.
    BDC drop turret, dial it in and aim dead on.

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    I have several Zeiss 6-24x56 scopes - All with 43 mildot reticule fitted.
    Stunning optics - Unbelievable bright with a nice big Field of view - Best dusk /Dawn scope I have looked through.

    I have not owned the 5-30 sworovski - But it did look very impressive from the peek I had


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    Alan your mate borrowed my pvs 14 to put on his big zeiss and you had look at it what did you think i have one on that 223 i bought off you and another that i use as a spotter which dave has just borrowed for a couple of weeks to put on his air rifle as he has to do some rats causing problems at billys


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    i bought one from clunie clays last year and it was the best money i have ever spent and he was the cheapest to great bit of kit

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