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Thread: Poaching and loosing land

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    Poaching and loosing land

    I venion worth its weight in gold or are folk just hungery.
    Keep reading about poaching and guys having land whiped from under there. I am very lucky apart from my lease in Scotland all my land I shoot on belongs to my father, brother the guy I do the red deer for or my bothers friends. So loosing my shooting land is very slim.
    But the key facter for me is I live in Leicestershire and we have no wild herds of fallow or red a few roe and munties moving in so The venison is no here yet.
    But what worries me is I know where there is a roe doe living and the odd munti. and in the current market I fear that if I told the masses around me they would soon be in a freeze.
    I feel for anyone who has land along way from home that they shoot on, it must be difficult to police. As I see it shooting on land without permission or bunging a pile of cash to the land owner to out bid the current gun to get the shooting its all poaching one way or another.
    End game is I dont have this problem yet.....................


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    Very well done Buckbones that you have your fathers and friends land, unfortunatly most people are not so fortunate and dont ,what iv found is stalking alongside most forms of fieldsports is a cut throat game where land and permisions /leases are concerned
    Away from leictershire then where there are a lots of deer you are right poaching is a massive problem, makes you paranoid every time i see a subaru or mud covered 4x4 go past the house it gets the brain going and sets a chain reaction of phone calls to neibouring land owners and farmers.
    The police are next to useless for getting an imediate responce, they have thier priorties im sure and i suppose a scrap outside a nightclub is more important than a load of scroats in a scoooby chasing around the fields at night !
    There is a new police led countrywatch scheme operating in our area and they have made a few arrests, waste of time really the as last ones found with dogs and some roe got a few hours comunity service and a slap on the wrist not really a deterrant is it .

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