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    novice gwp

    would any one be willing to let me and my dog tag along on a stalk to give my dog ox more expirience

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    re stalking

    Hello Brian, and welcome to the forum.
    You may be jumping the gun a bit wanting to take a partly trained dog with you on a stalk (sometime a fully trained dog can be a nuisance). my GWP is nearly 2 now and although he does accompany me sometimes when stalking he also get left in the vehicle a lot depending on any number of factors!!
    In your introduction and your request to accompany somebody on a stalk, you do not state how much experience, training, or the age of your GWP this makes it difficult to assess your dogs ability, and although most of the guys on this site are more than willing to help out, you may not get any takers for your request.
    Best of luck with the training.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    thank you sinbad for replying .ox is 3 years old , if some 1 was to allow me to accompany them on a stalk , i would be keeping him on a short leash and both of us would stay out of the way untill the stalker says that i can take ox to the carcus ,ive done blood ,lung and hide trails with him on a 15 metre lead and the only time he got it wrong is when i gave him a bum stear [i thought i knew better but hes the 1 with the better nose].my funds are tight at the min or i would take him to where i normaly go . as a plus to any body who did let us tag along having an extra pair of hands to sort the carcus out and get it back is always a benifit

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