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Thread: What Thread Size

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    What Thread Size

    Can anyone tell me tell me what Thread Size my remington 700 sps synthetic in 7m08 is?
    I've tried the remington web site but cant find anything on it!
    Thanks inadvance

    sorry forgot to say it's to put a Moderator on my rifle
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    Jim would that be the thread size for where the barrel threads into the receiver because you want to rebarrel or the thread at the other end and you want to put a moderator on this rifle?
    If it is for the purpose of fitting a moderator it could be anything as I don't think Remington factory thread barrels, but I may be wrong on that. Have a look on the Remington website. If it was threaded after leaving the factory it could be anything so you will need to measure it with a gauge.
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    well 8x57,
    sorry i forgot to say it's to put a Moderator on my rifle.i bought it new and it came threaded. i did try the Remington website but i couldn't get any joy!

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    Hi JIM
    Just pop in to your local gun shop with the gun and they should be able to tell you
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    If you bought it new you should give edgar bros a call.
    I think they get the threading done after they import the rifles from remington.

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    An interesting point could be that as Remington did not thread the barrel and is was done by an importer does the Remington warrenty still stand?

    After all they are quick to deny responsibilty even if trigger adjustments are carried out so how does cutting in the muzzle of the barrel effect it?

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    thanks everyone for getting back to me! hoping to get an A-TEC mod! anyone have any experience with one?

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