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Thread: Power Station Demolition

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    Power Station Demolition

    As I grew up in the area, and watched it being built, and could see the Power Station from my bedroom window, I am sad to see it go.

    Anyone local go an watch it?


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    Used to live down that area, they were visable for miles, will be strange without them. Sailors used them for reference when navigating the shallow waters off the coast, watch out for a series of boats running aground!

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    I live about 6.5 miles from them and work 2 mins from them and it was strange this morning them not being there. When i was a kid my old man had a fishing boat (back when fishermen could make a living from the beach) and we used to use the chimineys as navigation points to find some of the wrecks they used to dive on.

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    I was based down there for a couple of years flying for the coastguard, was certainly a good feature for navigating by! A sad day that theyre gone! Any plans what theyre going to do with the site? They did a bit of filming there over the years.. I used to dig a lot of worms in pegwell bay and lived in the company flat in Ramsgate.. them were the days!!

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