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Thread: Crufts.

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    I hear five "best in breed" have been disqualified for failing the vet check after they were awarded the win... The Kennel Club have been encouraging the breeding of monsters for years with some dogs being unable to walk and some suffocating in later life due to nasal restrictions. The KC makes ££millions in fees and membership charges and £14 admission to Crufts now they want to be seen as the good guys.
    P.S. The Chessie should have won the Gundog class by miles but they gave it to a spaniel that couldn't see for its fringe.
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    Better late than never though I guess. It's still a shame than many of the gundog breeds look nothing like the true working gundogs that you see out in the field and that they're supposed to represent. I doubt that the ESS winner could have done 10 minutes work let alone a full day.

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    I thought those in the Gundog section HAD to be working dogs?, the only work that Spaniel knows is going to the grooming parlour.
    Be interesting to see if they pick a proper dog for best in show, or a flippin handbag accessory

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    I'm watching it now and finding it very painfull indeed watching them trying to rebuild the reputation of both crufts and the KC when it is blatantly obvious that the KC and non-working dog breeders still breed rubbish/genetically messed up dogs


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Croc View Post
    Be interesting to see if they pick a proper dog for best in show, or a flippin handbag accessory
    I think we already know the answer to that.

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    My bet is for a Pomeranian this year as a gundog won it last year. The KC need to keep the powder-puff brigade interested.

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    Maybe we're all just biased towards the gundog breeds. I know I am!

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    Red-Dot, I usually enjoy your posts because you write well and seem to know what you are talking about, but I guess this thread is the exception that proves the rule. The KC have a lot to answer for, some of the breeds are monsters and the selective breeding to conform to unnatural and unhealthy breed standards is indefensible and wrong, but that does not really apply to any dogs in the gun dog class.

    The Irish water spaniel is a great working dog that we in the Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Cub are working really hard to promote and increase their numbers in all aspects of shooting. The 'fringe" is not an issue.

    Check out our website at

    The Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club

    you may learn something :-)

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    We are all biased toward Gundogs and some may never see a deer fence never mind jump one but i do now admit that IWS looks nice and i hope it goes on to win... are we pals again Neil?

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    Nice looking poodle on the front cover of your site mate but it will not win anything unless you get it the lion cut. Sorry couldn't help my self neil.

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