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Thread: Who has a pistol...advice needed please.

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    Who has a pistol...advice needed please.

    Hi all,
    Most of my stalking is woodland and i'm considering submitting a variation for a pistol. Is there anyone who actually has one who can give some advice?


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    I assume you mean for humane dispatch and not stalking ?
    There was a thread that ran for about three pages on it recently mate. Have a look here:
    Hope that helps?

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    Reading his post, it sounds as if he wants it for stalking!!!
    Why would he want it for Humane despatch, most Deer when woodland stalking are taken within fifty yards!!

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    Do not follow this line. You will regret it !!!!!

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    Just read the posts from attached thread...didn't realise it was such an emotive issue.

    No probs..let it lie.

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    What is up with you lot these days?
    The guy has asked for help get off your high horses for christ sake, this stupid attitude is really not helpful to anyone.
    Why should he let it lie? Just because it wrinkles the feathers of a few self righteous souls.. lol

    To answer the question, you are absolutely within your rights to hold a pistol for humane dispatch, quite a few of the more sensible posters on here have actually got pistols.
    If you read the previous posts look between the inane nonsense you will get the jist of good reason required.
    In a nutshell you need to show you have a reasonable need to possess it, that is up to you to convince your FLO, the best way would be just to give them a call and have an off the record chat.

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    Let it lie! Why not have another good debate?

    If you are on your hands & knees crawling through a sitka spruce plantation in the dark, & come across your wounded beast,a pistol would be much easier to fire the follow up shot with.
    I'd have one if I thought it would be straight forward applying.
    I see on gun trader there's a SIG & a H&K for sale, either on section 5 or for humane dispatch, I'm not saying you have to flash these things about in front of your stalking mates, or wear a swish holster - Pack the gun away in your roe sack & be ready to end a deer's suffering when needed.

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    A chap who is a stalking neighbour of mine has a pistol for humane dispatch.

    He got this after a legal dispute with Northern Constabulary - which he won. The judge took the view that owning a pistol for this reason was a 'good reason' for owning a Part 5(??? stand to be corrected on that) firearm. Northern Constabulary I usually find to be excellent and sensible to deal with but they riled against this.

    The pistol is a 44 Mag. What I can't figure out is why anyone would want to lug a 5lb pistol through the woods on the offchance of having to finish a beast that was wounded but non-ambulant? Strangely I have this year had to finish two beasts (sika stags) with a knife when neck shots did'nt quite do the whole job - but this is the only time from about 2-300 deer that I have had to do this.

    I'll stick with a sharp knife.

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    I think that if you can use anything available as stated previously it's a good thing, I personally haven't got a pistol in the UK to much agro.

    What was annoying me that the guy posted a perfectly reasonable question asking for help, he didn't get help just veiled mockery

    We used to have a great craic somehow seems to have lost a little something along the way ... very sad

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