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Thread: BSA sights

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    BSA sights

    Does any one have for sale or know where I can obtain a foresight blade and a rear sight block for a what I believe is a BSA Hunter model type C5B. I have recently aquired the rifle and these sights were removed when it had a Pecar scope fitted and I fancy restoring the rifle and will be putting an S&B 6x42 on higher mounts.
    Please let me know if there are any about.Please bear with me, I will get back to you asap as i do work some long bizzare shifts.

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    you can buy these online, they seem to be generic.
    Will see if I can fine the website I saw them on but there was a good one in the US that have a full range for length and height fore and rear sights for all the BAS, PH, Mauser style rifles

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    BSA sights

    I have a set which I am sure came off a BSA. PM your details and I will put them in the post. Regards jeffrey

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    Many thanks for that gents P.M sent to JeffreyL

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